Trash to Home Treasures

by SVW on April 6, 2012

Using products made from recycled materials is great, but what if you craft your own useful home furnishing from recycled items? Finding ways to utilize items you’d normally throw away is not only green—it’s fun!

Next time you go to throw something away in the trash, or even the recycling bin, consider these trash to treasure tips for home improvement ideas throughout your home.

Record Repurposing

Thousands of records get donated a year to Goodwill, but before you drop off your old LP’s consider this trash to treasure idea. You can turn an old record into a decorative bowl. This craft project is fairly simple and can bring a new purpose to your records. First, make sure those records aren’t of significant vale. For instance Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ album worth up to $350,000, you might want to hold onto that one for dear life. If it’s a record you don’t care much for, let the repurposing begin!

Set your oven to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Set a jar (bottom facing up) on the center of the plate and place the record on top of the jar. Then load all three items into the oven and monitor the melting of your creation. The record will fall around the jar and ruffle the edges in a decorative matter. When you’ve reached the desired look of your new bowl take it out of the oven and allow it to cool fully before removing it from the jar.

The last step is optional. You can paint and decorate the record, but they actually look cool with the original sticker and black vinyl ridges. So get those records out of the attic and into use! If the craft doesn’t turn out how you liked it, try again on another record. Sometimes it takes some trial and error to get it just right. The melting process will be different each time, depending on the heat and how long you let it sit.

Old Bottles

Bottles are a versatile crafting object. From the cap to the bottle, you can reuse it all! Anything from old wine, beer, or pop bottles can be recycled into something totally new and useful. Consider taking old wine bottles and using the base to form a stained glass effect on a door or window.

Use the left over bottle caps to make a cover for an end table or even flooring. Partially bury the caps to create a secure and unique design.  This is a perfect idea to bring old, worn damaged items to life and cover damaged areas. If you need bottles you can save some from being trash by heading over to one of the junk yards or your local recycle center and selecting some interesting shapes. Many towns have recycling centers where you can get materials for free.

Think about how you can recycle products in all areas of your life. Find ways to even reuse your used auto parts. Many people use old auto parts to create outdoor art or sculptures. Get creative with green materials and embellish your home while doing good by the earth.

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