Adding Unique Personal Touches With Murals

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 3, 2012

Wall MuralAre you itching to make your home feel more unique and personal? Not ready to start demolition and full-blown renovations? Maybe your space simply needs need some cosmetic home improvements to add the finishing touches. Adding color by painting is an easy way to bring life back into your home and make it feel up-to-date; you can try color blocking, accent walls or even faux finishes to add visual interest. But perhaps even that doesn’t quite feel like enough and you want to create a dynamic focal point in your space. How about adding a mural? A large-scale mural can bring style and flair to any room.

A mural is art that is painted or applied directly on a wall or even on a ceiling or other large permanent surface (think Sistine Chapel). If you want to add a mural to your home, you have a number of options when it comes to materials and commitment.

Commission an artist to paint a mural
You can hire an artist to create a one of a kind painting for you which is painted directly on your wall. According to my friend Heather, who is a muralist, there are typically five simple steps in the process of commissioning a mural. First, you start by meeting the muralist for a consultation, where you discuss the size of the mural, start and end dates and approximate cost. Secondly, the artist will produce a sketch and project quote; once you have agreed on all the details then the work can start. The third step is to clear out the area where the mural will be completed, patch and prep the walls, if needed, and clean them off with a damp cloth. Fourth, the artist then hand sketches the mural onto your wall, usually in pencil in case you would like to make any edits before they proceed. Finally, the mural is painted and the project is complete.

Another option for a large customized piece is to hang a wallpaper mural. These can be created using your own photographs or photos from an image bank. They are then custom printed to any size you want on easy to hang, washable wallpaper and can be hung either on your own or by a professional. There are a number of custom wallpaper companies and they are easy to find by doing a simple Internet search.

Vinyl decals
If hiring a painter or hanging wallpaper seems like too much of a commitment for you, a simple and inexpensive option is to simply stick vinyl wall decals on your wall over your existing paint. These are removed just as easily as they are applied and do not damage your walls. They come in a myriad of patterns, themes and sizes and are a great idea in a room where you may be changing the decor fairly often, such as a child’s room or if you are renting.

Making a statement in any room is easily done by adding a mural that suits your taste and color preferences. Choose the option that works best for your needs based on the longevity and level of customization that you are looking for.

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