Improving & Maintaining Your Deck

by SVW on March 29, 2012

A deck can be the perfect home remodeling addition, adding space and outdoor lounging. It’s definitely a perk to have someplace to enjoy the nice weather or entertain guests. When home remodeling, you’ll find there are many styles and purposes of a deck. A place to relax around with family and friends in the outdoors, a deck can turn into a gazebo, screened in cabana, or dining area. You can build a deck around your garden, pool or hot tub. Imagine multiple levels or a wrap-around porch. Stylish and functional, a deck is the perfect way to get the most out of the great outdoors.

Furnishing Your Deck

So you finally completed that home remodeling and have the deck of your dreams. Now it’s time to add personality and functionality. Perfectly compliment your deck with furniture built out of the same wood your porch was built out of. Tables and chairs can be constructed from the same wood you used for your deck, but don’t forget to add comfy cushions. Benches can be easily built for the porch using 2×6, 2×4, and 4×4 plywood.

Cleaning Your Deck

Once you have the deck you’ve always wanted, you have to properly care for it. Without proper care you’re home remodeling with degrade and show its age. A good habit to get into is cleaning your deck once every spring. Spring is the ideal time to perform all outdoor maintenance, not only to your porch. All the snow is gone and it’s not too hot yet. Some spring cleaning will get it looking good before regular summer use.

Take all furniture off the deck and sweep the area well. Remove all debris, including leaves or caked on dirt. A garden hose will help you get everything off and completely clear the surface, as well as between the cracks. A power washer will get the job done more thoroughly and quickly. If you don’t have one, you can rent one from most home improvement stores. If using a power washer, make sure to angle the hose slightly upwards and not directly at the wood as this may damage the deck.

Using a stiff broom, push the cleaning solution onto the floorboards and create suds. Rinse your deck with a garden hose or pressure washer after letting the soap work for about 15 minutes. Rinsing with a garden house should suffice unless you have a particular stain you are trying to lift. In this case rise with the power washer. If the stain remains, repeat the process.

These deck cleaning steps were provided by Check out My Home Improvement for more information on porch styles and other home remodeling tips.

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