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by SVW on March 29, 2012

If you have a porcelain, fiberglass, or cast-iron bathtub you can refinish your tub instead of replacing your tub. This will allow you to save on costs associated with tearing out a tub and it will get your bathroom up and running quicker.

Bathtub refinishing is a great alternative for those who can do it. It restores your bathtub to a beautiful, new finish and color. You’re glossy new tub will shine and feel like new. The repairs can be done in the bathroom, without removing your tub, and it can be finished in just a day. Unfortunately, bathtub refinishing is one DIY project you should not attempt.

There are many reasons you shouldn’t attempt to refinishing your tub alone.

It’s time consuming. If your tub is in bad shape with cracks and stuck on grim, you’ll need to do some prep work. Cleaning and sanding your tub alone, without professional products, could take hours and that’s a hopeful estimate. A professional bathroom refinisher can do all this for you, restoring even the most rotted tubs. You have to apply multiple coats and let each layer dry fully in between. This could take you all day to complete and you may not have a working tub by that night. The best thing, when you hire a professional to refinish your tub, your bathtub will be done by that evening and ready to use. A bathroom refinisher can clean, sand, and refinish a tub in just 3 to 4 hours.

It’s costly. You will likely end up spending more than if you hired a bathtub refinisher. Sure, home improvement stores sell so-called bathtub refinishing kits for under $200, but that doesn’t guarantee quality. If you do it yourself you run the risk of not applying the finish properly, which may result is premature chipping – wasting the time and money you invested. Going through a bathroom contractor will also ensure the durability of your tub for many years to come. Good tub refinishing jobs should come with a warranty around 10-15 years. Pretty good deal.

It’s nearly impossible to do perfectly. Even if you take your time it’s very difficult to paint the finishing product without professional tools and experience in the bathtub refinishing business. A professional can even update your tub to any color you choose at no additional charge.

Save time, money, and be let with a pristine finish. The last thing you want is annoying imperfections in the finish that will bother you for years or all your hard work to begin chipping after only a few months. Learn more about this bathtub secret weapon and you’ll be spreading out in a fresh tub in no time.

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