Broken Window Repair

by SVW on March 29, 2012

The kids next door are always throwing baseballs around and you’re worried that one day one of those little baseballs will make its way to your window and case some big damage. If your fears become a reality there are some formalities you will need to proceed with in order to protect your home and family before you buy new windows.

You’ll want to clean up the mess as soon as possible because the broken glass is more than a safety hazard. You don’t want to pump your heating or cooling straight out the hole. With gloves on, pick up the large pieces of glass first.

Then, vacuum up the remaining pieces. Take your time to ensure you get all the pieces. Vacuum the whole room thoroughly, as the momentum of the flying object may have thrown pieces much further than the base of your window. You don’t want to be stumbling upon shards of glass weeks from now. Not a pleasant surprise.

You’ll want to cover your window frame with shrink wrap to insulate the gap. This will only be a temporary fix however, as you’ll want to look for a window repair contractor as soon as possible. This insulation will protect you for a short period of time, allowing you to run your heating and cooling while you search for a professional window repair contractor. Window insulation kits can be found at any home improvement store and are generally not a huge investment. The kits run anywhere between $5-$20 to cover one window. Choosing one on the low end should be fine, as you will need to look into getting a new window as soon as possible.

The vinyl seal will allow you to loose less heat or air conditioning while you search for a window repair contractor. The kits are designed to be easily placed over your window frame. You’ll then use a hair drier to shrink the film down to size. This will also eliminate wrinkles in the film, but this is not a major concern. If you have wrinkles in the shrink wrap this won’t impair the effectiveness of the film, it’s just an esthetic because some people cover their window frames for added insulation all year round.

If you go through a proper contractor, your new window will be installed more securely in the frame. So you loose less air and are more energy efficient. So get the glass picked up and shrink wrap installed pronto and then call a window repair professional and have new windows installed. You may want to have the baseball culprit assist the window repair contractor in mending the window.

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