A Bathtub’s Secret Weapon

by SVW on March 29, 2012

A dirty bathtub is the worst. Unlike a sink or even the floors, in order to clean a bathtub you have to get on your hands and knees – but no more! Whoever said you have to get on your hands and knees to clean your tub must have liked torture. We’re going to get creative here and explain some no-knee tricks for cleaning your bathroom tub.

Scrubbing Tools

When we think about mopping we often think of floors, but why not let this great invention serve multiple purposes. Mops allow you to get those hard to reach sports without bending over. Use them to wash the floors, clean walls from floor to ceiling, and scrub your bathtub. Nowadays, mops are made specifically for the tub with rounded corners and tougher scrub pads. But you can buy just a regular sponge mop to clean your bathtub. Many sponge mops come with two sides: a rough sponge and a softer sponge. The floor shouldn’t have all the fun. Take the mop into the tub and get the job done.

Let it Soak (x2)

The Beatles were almost onto something with their 1970’s single “Let It Be”. The key to getting your bathroom clean is to let it soak and then let it soak some more. You don’t need to use fancy cleaning products. You can actually use your kitchen sink soak designed to tackle grease. Put the soap into a spray bottle and spray the whole tub down and let it soak. Come back in an hour or so and wipe down with the sponge mop.

Avoid cleaning products with a bunch of chemicals in them, but if your tub is really dirty or you have hard water stains you may have to. If you do use chemicals, be sure to wear a face mask and protect your mouth and nose from breathing in the harsh fumes. Turn on the overhead fan and don’t let these products soak too long, as the chemicals make them more potent.

Bathtub Refinishing

If the mop trick doesn’t work for you may have to resort to the old fashioned hands and knees approach. Now if this doesn’t work, you will have to call a bathtub refinisher. Don’t replace your tub! A bathtub refinisher will be able to apply a no-spray bathtub refinishing product to your tub and restore its natural color and sleek shine. No-spray bathtub refinishing is a unique and eco-friendly alternative to typical spray bathtub refinishing methods.

Once your bathtub is clean, keep it that way with regular cleaning. Spray a non-toxic cleaner every time you finish a shower to help maintain upkeep. For more bathtub home improvement ideas and for more information on upgrading to a soaker tub check out this other My Home Improvement blog.

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