Windowless Basement Problems

by SVW on March 28, 2012

When it comes to remodeling a basement it can be tough making the right decisions. Most basements only have a few windows that let in refreshing natural light, but what do you do if you have no windows in your basement? You might feel at a loss for inspiration if your basement is windowless, but these basement remodeling and decorating tips will help you see the light!

If your basement is large enough to be broken up into rooms this is a great way to separate basement activities and break up a wide open dark space. Each zone can serve a different purpose and ultimately more use of the space. Basements are perfect for a child’s playroom, man cave, kitchen, guest bedroom, workout room, office space, lounge, movie theater, or game area to name a few. Remodeling your basement into rooms or zones can give it multifunctional purpose. Professional home improvements will make you comfortable in your new space and confidant enough to start utilizing your basement for entertaining.

In rooms, glass window frames can be installed to give the illusion of light. The glass should be textured to maintain the privacy of the room, but still let in light from the “outside” room or zone. Doors with textured glass are a good idea too. White textured glass is best, as lighter colors brighten up a room more naturally. Try white frosted windows or textured glacier glass for your basement remodeling.

Building a room offers the great opportunity to install frosted windows and add dimension, but you don’t need a room for each function of your basement. For instance, the lounge and game room can be in the same area. When you have different purposes going on in the same room you’ll need to do some zoning to separate the activities – this is done through decorating cues.

After basement remodeling, decorating is key in brightening up your basement. Mirrors allow light to be reflected around the room and lighten up the space. Choose decorative mirrors with a strong frame complimenting your basements style and color scheme. You can also try arranging smaller mirrors into a structured or creative design. If you’re installing a workout room be sure to add mirrors for not only decoration, but functionality as well. This will also help if your basement is small, as it gives the illusion of more space.

Choose lighter color paints. Darker colors may absorb light and you aren’t in a position to give any up in a windowless basement. Another way of adding the illusion of space is with floor to ceiling drapes. Again you’ll want to choose light colors, but it’s okay and recommended to add pops of color, just make sure it’s not too harsh. The drapes shouldn’t overpower the walls. Strategically choose what you will accent, whether it’s a fireplace, picture frame, TV, or couch. But only accent one or two things maximum to not overdo it in your basement remodeling and decorating.

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