Vessel Sink Adds Space

by SVW on March 28, 2012

We spend a surprising amount of time in the bathroom so we might as well enjoy it. Make your bathroom just as comfortable as the rest of your home with beautiful fixtures and modern touches.

Update your bathroom sink to a vessel bowl and give an old fashioned bathroom fresh appeal. Just a little bathroom remodeling can go a long way. Change your current facet and sink to spruce things up a whole lot. A vessel sink paired with the perfect faucet is the best way to update your bathroom.

Many vessel sinks thin out as they reach the drain, you may need to mend the counter top to fit the bowl. Depending on the bottom of your new basin, a vessel sink may be added to an existing vanity without countertop alterations. The vessel sink pictured above does not thin out as it reaches the drain which may have allowed its owner to install without major counter adjustments. If you choose a vessel bowl, one that forms a bowl like shape as it reaches the drain, you may need to install a new countertop.

The main benefit to a vessel bowl, as opposed to an elevated non-bowl sink, is added countertop space. Non-bowl shapes do not add space around the drain area, but they still look unique. Both designs free up space in the cabinets below your sink. Whether you choose a bowl shape or not, a vessel sink is sure to make washing up fun. Kids will actually look forward to washing up before dinner and bed. The elevated sink may be a too high for little ones, as many sinks already are. In this case, figuring a stepping stool into your bathroom remodeling isn’t a bad idea.
Don’t forget to update your faucet to match your new sink. Unique designs like a touch-to-use or stainless steel pump faucet can match the distinctiveness of your new sink. Minimalist designs like a single handle or waterfall faucet will balance the bold look of your new sink allow the bowl to remain the focal point.

While you’re updating your bathroom sink, this is the perfect time to reconsider your vanity as well. If you’re vanity is too short or you simply want to update the existing cabinets to match your new, modern sink – now is the time. Get all your bathroom improvements done in one fell swoop. Home improvements can seem daunting so a good plan of attack is to get them done one room at a time and get excited about the project. Whether it’s updating to a modern vessel bowl or unique waterfall faucet, choose items that will make bathroom renovations worthwhile.

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