Striped Painting Technique

by SVW on March 28, 2012

Instead of having painters simply cover your walls with one solid color, consider adding lines of color to your walls to add dimension and the illusion of more space. If you paint a room with horizontal lines you’ll give the appearance of more floor space. And if you paint vertical lines you’ll give the appearance of taller ceilings.

For this French inspired project, we’ll be creating vertical lines of refined greens and brown in a unique pattern. You will have one large light green stripe with thinner brown and dark green lines and either side. The following steps have been provided by the DIY Network to assist you in your home improvement project. Use these steps as the idea for your next painting project or to direct your painters.

The first step in this home improvement project is to double coat the walls in a solid ivory color. This color will remain in between the stripes and serves as a good base color. Measure your walls and mark out where the stripes will go. Starting from the center point of the widest wall, make a mark every 12 inches. Use a laser level to guide where you place the painters tape. Provide the ceiling and baseboard with tape as well.

It is essential that you place the tape carefully. Take your time marking the walls because wavering in the stripes will be noticeable and probably bother you long after the paint dries. It may be wise to have professional painters come in for this part of the project. Painters can make sure the lines are formatted correctly for the walls and look uniform.

After you’ve laid the tape on correctly, burnish the tape to ensure a tight seal. Using a burnisher or anything with a strong flat edge, smooth over the tape the secure the tape firmly in place. The last and final step is to paint the lines and peel off the tape.

For a more subtle detail, try alternating between matte and glossy stripes of the same color. Unlike our French inspired colors, these stripes should be of equal width all the way around the room. The way the light reflects off the matte versus the glossy will give the room a perceived notion of added space.

Whichever stripes you choose for your home remember that prep work is the key to success. Painting stripes requires time and precision even if you have painting experience. Having painters do the job guarantees a flawless finish, just make sure you know how to express what you want. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the way a room looks and makes you feel in it. Show your personality with stripes and open up your space.

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