Sealing your Driveway

by SVW on March 28, 2012

Spring is the best time to tackle many home improvement projects and is a time when we’re often required to prepare for winter. The last thing we want to think about during warmer months is snow plowing, but summer is the perfect time to prepare your driveway for snow. The winter months are associated with daily snow plowing and snow removal. If your driveway doesn’t necessarily need to be repaved, consider resealing it to add another year or two of life to your driveway.

Sealing your driveway will restore the color and make for a smoother ride by filling in cracks. If cracks are ignored they can become significantly worse when the seasons change. Rapid temperature changes can make it difficult for driveways to adjust without cracking. Add life to your driveway and prepare it for snow and snow plowing.

Your driveway puts up with a lot during the winter, snow shoveling or snow plowing on a daily basis. In addition to the expected wear and tear from your vehicle, both spring showers and the summer sun contribute to the wearing down of your driveway. Rain adds to the breaking down of molecules and inevitably cracks in the foundation. Sun speeds up the drying out process of your driveway and faded color.

Your driveway needs to be in good condition to survive the snow removal of winter months and the only time to prepare your driveway is during the summer. Sealer can only be applied in the summer because the ground needs to be warm to dry. Make sure to apply sealer only if rain isn’t in the forecast and it’s going to be above 60 degrees for at least 36 hours. After 24 hours you may be able to walk on your drive way, but, just to be sure, I’d wait 36 hours till you drive on it. Don’t forget to block off your driveway so that you or any unexpected visitors won’t mistakenly drive up.

Apply sealer to the cracks first and then apply a thin, all over layer with a broom you don’t mind throwing away.  Wear old clothes and tall rubber work boots to protect your feet. You may even want to cover your boots in plastic to add another layer of protection. Seal your driveway this summer and protect your driveway from the seasons. Don’t let the summer sun, spring rains, or winter snow plowing get the best of you driveway – protect it with sealer. For other home improvement tips associated with the warmer weather see our blog on Spring Outdoor Maintenance.

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