The Architectural Appeal of Cedar Shakes

by Rachel Laurendeau on March 23, 2012

When faced with the prospect of replacing your roofing, it’s important to remember that there are a variety of products available on the market and being an informed consumer is key. If you’re looking at doing the roofing on a historical home, or are looking for something that will help your house blend into the natural environment or are just looking for something with architectural appeal, then you may want to consider cedar shakes.

Cedar shakes are made from split logs of Western Red Cedar and still today, are generally manufactured by hand using power equipment. When properly installed by a highly experienced roofer, cedar shakes provide a beautiful natural aesthetic with long lasting weather protection. In fact, they withstand high winds, hail and other natural phenomena better than most other types of products. Plus, if a few shakes are damaged, they are easily repaired or replaced by a knowledgeable roofer. The lifespan of a cedar roof is affected by both the workmanship and the quality of materials used. A well-installed and maintained roof can last up to 30 years or more.

Cedar shakes are more expensive than asphalt shingles and concrete tile but may be relatively close in price to a higher end metal roof. They are one of the most difficult roofing materials to install correctly, which is one of the main reasons for their high-ticket price; it takes a true professional to install them.

One of the cons of using cedar shakes if you live in a humid environment or if tall trees shade your home, is the likelihood of moss growing on your roof.  A little bit of moss is ok but heavy moss buildup should be removed since it can damage the roof over time. There are debates as to whether or not a cedar shake roof should be powerwashed, so talk to an experienced professional before you start.

If you like the look of cedar shakes but are undecided on whether or not to use them, you may be interested in knowing that many types of shingles have been manufactured to mimic the look of cedar shakes. There is even a rubber shake shingle made of recycled tires! These rubber shingles have the same look as a cedar shake but won’t rot, curl, discolor, bend, crack, or take on moisture. Talk to your roofer to find out what is available in your area and start on those home improvements today.

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