Indoor Spring Cleaning

by Rachel Laurendeau on March 23, 2012

The first thing I want to do when the winds start blowing warm air, is open all of the windows wide to air out the house. And then, I can’t wait to get to my Spring cleaning. Admittedly, it isn’t so much the cleaning that excites me, as starting a new task and knowing that inevitably, things will be cleaner and more organized and that I will come up with new home improvement projects as I work my way through the house. One year, my Spring cleaning lead to a top to bottom bathroom remodeling project! I have a feeling that this year’s “cleaning” may lead to some kitchen remodeling in the form special pantry and cupboard organizers.

Below is a checklist to help you work your way through your house efficiently and be able to enjoy the fruits of your work. Of course as you do your cleaning, not only will you start dreaming of new projects, you may also encounter a few spots around the house that need an experts touch. A local handyman who specializes in bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling may be needed for those projects that you aren’t able to tackle yourself.

General Cleaning

  • Open windows to air out the house
  • Wash windows and tracks, vacuum screens and dust casings
  • Clean or wash blinds and draperies
  • Clean all casings, ledges and tops of furniture
  • Vacuum or wash all upholstered furniture
  • Wipe down doors and disinfect door handles and light switches


  • Be sure to move all furniture when cleaning floors
  • Vacuum or bash carpets
  • Dust baseboards
  • Sweep and wash floors
  • If your hardwood floors need additional maintenance or repair, contact your flooring professionals

Cupboards and Drawers

  • Wash kitchen cabinets inside and out and don’t forget the tops
  • Organize and clean drawers
  • Straighten cupboards and pantry
  • Clean out medicine cabinets and bathroom cupboards and drawers; safely dispose of anything that is passed its expiration date


  • Exchange Winter clothes and footwear with those suited to Spring and Summer – garment bags or waterproof storage containers are great storage solutions for out of season clothes.  Any clothes that weren’t worn this past season or won’t be worn shortly should go to charity or the rag box – be ruthless!
  • Organize cupboards, shelves, closets and drawers so that everything is easy to find
  • Clean out, dust and freshen drawers – get rid of anything you don’t need, including mismatched and worn-out socks, t-shirts etc.
  • Clean out and organize linen closet, you may want to wash the blankets and towels that haven’t been used in a while to freshen them up


  • Empty and wash out fridge and freezer
  • Wash stove top and oven
  • Move fridge and stove and wash around, behind and beneath
  • Wash dishwasher/clean out the trap
  • Clean out washer and dryer, vacuum out lint traps
  • Change vacuum bag
  • Dust all light fixtures
  • Replace burned out bulbs (while you’re at it, you could put in energy saving CFL bulbs)
  • Flush drains
  • Clean faucet heads and handles
  • Drain hot water heater
  • Change purification filter in water filter
  • Vacuum or replace furnace filter
  • Rinse HRV/ERV filters
  • Vacuum and wash heat registers
  • Consider having your heating and air conditioning systems serviced or your ducts cleaned
  • Dust ceiling fan
  • Service appliances as necessary


  • Test security system, smoke detector and CO detector
  • Make sure your fire extinguisher is in good working order
  • Wash out trash pails/waste baskets/recycling boxes
  • Wash brooms and mops
  • Check for stains or bulges on ceilings and walls

For a checklist of outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance tasks, you may want to visit our earlier home improvement blog on this topic, Outdoor Maintenance and Spring Cleaning.

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