Using Curves in Your Home

by Carmen Corbin on March 16, 2012

When planning a home improvement project, it’s often inspiring to think outside the box.  In this case, we mean that literally.  While a four-cornered room may be functional and practical, you can add a sense of surprise to any room by incorporating a gentle curve into its design.

Curved Walls

You don’t have to be a student of feng shui to appreciate a curved-off corner or the subtle placement of a curved wall feature.  One popular use of curves is a glass block shower wall for a walk-in shower.  Ask your bathroom remodeling contractor about arched curves, wavy walls or other creative designs.  In a large family room or living room, a freestanding curved divider wall will allow you to have separate sitting areas, while still maintaining an open concept.  Add a curved couch to complement the look.

Other Curved Features

When consulting with your kitchen remodeling expert, consider a half-round wall with a pantry door or even a rounded kitchen countertop area for added interest.  Need a kitchen island?  Forget the boxy corners that everyone is always running into, and build a round island instead.  For more of a European influence, add a spiral staircase, curved balcony or even a corner turret to your home.  Bow windows are another easy way to incorporate a curve, and window companies have several beautiful designs from which to choose.

Landscaping Curves

Moving on to the yard area, you can easily re-do your existing landscaping to include a curve or two.  Curved retaining walls and landscape edging can meander around your yard, leading you around each flowerbed as you enjoy a morning stroll in the backyard.  If you have a forested property, a winding walking trail through the woods would be a great addition (your dog would love it too!).

Existing patios can be curved off by laying round pavers down to extend the area.  If you do a lot of entertaining, consider building a curved half wall with a ledge for seating – it will also make a good place to set down drinks and food plates during those back yard barbecues.  A curved brick pathway between the front yard and back yard can cut down on lawn wear, as well as create additional flower bed areas.

For more ideas on using curves in your home or landscaping, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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