Installing a Small, Economical Fountain for Your Yard

by SVW on March 15, 2012

Small FountainA fountain is the perfect outdoor addition to any home with a yard. If you don’t have a yard, but want the soothing ambiance of trickling water, consider installing an indoor waterfall. A fountain can completely transform the look and feel of your yard. Whether you install your fountain near a garden or walkway, a fountain will bring joy and life into your yard. Birds will naturally be drawn to your fountain to bathe, cool off, or play. Consider whether you want your fountain as the focal point or a transitional piece in your yard. Locate the perfect place for your new addition and begin planning.

Planning the Installation of Your Fountain

To know how much piping you’ll need and approximately how long the project will take make sure to plan the fountain location with your water supply source in mind. Since water is a precious resource that shouldn’t be wasted, installing a small fountain with a big appeal is most wise. For smaller fountains, you’ll need a submersible pump. Smaller pumps are generally less expensive and easier to install.

Underground piping can be difficult to install, but is very important to the overall performance of your fountain. Sometimes when doing an outdoor water project yourself, you’ll need a plumber to come in and assist in one aspect or another. When installing an outdoor fountain there are a number of matters that should be taken into consideration. One of these concerns is the proper installation of your piping. The last thing you want is for your pipes to start leaking after you’ve set the soil and grass. Not only does that waste water—it wastes money. Have a leak expert install the pipes and you can rest assured that your fountain will perform without hassle for many years to come. If you have a leak in an existing foundation, plumbers can properly repair your pipes. They can also install a lining system to your pipes to avoid future aggravation.

Don’t Forget to Add Greenery

After you have your pipes properly installed, decorate the area surrounding your fountain. Fountains, especially smaller fountains, can really stand out if you design a mini garden around them. HGTV recommends adding “billowy grasses, fleshy succulents, and showy orchids” to give smaller fountain more of a presence. Adding foliage and flowerings will enhance the atmosphere of your fountain and make it even more of a tranquil getaway.

Installing a fountain is the perfect spring home improvement project. If you choose to grow plants and grass from seed, the foliage should be well underway by summer.  You could also choose to install sod and plant partially or full-grown plants to enjoy your fountain right away. Leave the underground piping up to the experts. Be sure to have a plumber install the piping to guarantee a quality foundation.

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