First Home Help: Proper Plunging

by SVW on March 15, 2012

Tips for PlungingHaving a good-working toilet is something you can only truly appreciate once it’s not working so well anymore. One of the most common complaints in the bathroom is a clogged toilet. There is no need to be embarrassed! Everyone has it happen to them at least once in their lifetime and this article will help you deal with this common home improvement topic.

Maybe you’re in your first apartment or maybe you’ve just never experienced toilet problems before—whatever your story, there is a relatively simple solution. The most common cause of a clogged toilet is trying to flush down too much toilet paper. If this is your situation, the solution is relatively simple. Simple enough that even someone who has never picked up a plunger could do it.

So first thing is first, you’ll need to invest in a proper plunger. This will allow you to avoid future awkward moments of leaving your toilet clogged while you run to the store.

A Bathroom Investment

If you can, head to a home improvement or hardware store. They’ll have the best selection of quality plungers to get the job done quick and easy. When you get to store, go to the bathroom or plunger section. You may see a number of different plunger options, but don’t fear.

There are really only two different types of plungers, one for sinks and one for toilets. A toilet plunger has somewhat of a bowl extending out from the end that looks as though it could fix snugly into the base of your toilet.

Flip the plunger over and make sure the bowl has an internal rim or flange, this makes for a more powerful plunge. The plunger you pick should look sturdy and be made with thick rubber. Try it out in the store, push it down on the floor and see if it’s easy to maneuver. It should not appear flimsy. Note that you will have to use a reasonable amount of force to push it down.

If you need assistance finding the proper toilet plunger, contact a store associate or your local plumber. While you’re there pick up one for each bathroom in your home. Every home should have a plunger in each bathroom or at least a nearby storage closet.

No Ordinary Clog

If you get home and the plunger doesn’t seem to work, chances are you have a clog much further down in your pipes. If the clog is deep enough you won’t be able to fix it with a plunger alone. The problem may likely be located in the s-curve of your pipes, which is hard for plungers to reach. In this situation, you’ll need to contact a plumber to really get in there and tackle the problem.

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