Odds and Ends for Your Bathroom

by Carmen Corbin on March 13, 2012

Homeowners can get quite creative when remodeling their homes.  Inspiration comes from many sources – home improvement shows, magazines, friends’ homes and just human ingenuity.  We’d like to highlight a few items for the bathroom that might just help generate a few more great ideas.

Furniture Made Into Sinks

By now, you’ve probably seen a few high end bathroom vanities that look like they’re made out of old, ornate furniture.  While expensive, they do add a unique and beautiful touch to the bathroom.  But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get that same look.  If you have a vintage dresser or cabinet, you can easily convert it into a bathroom sink/vanity yourself.

After purchasing the actual sink you’ll use, place it on the top surface of the furniture piece and trace around it.  Using a jigsaw, cut around the outline, staying about a half inch inside it.  Next, make a mark in the back of the furniture where the wall plumbing will come in (measure the height of the wall pipes from the floor if desired).  Cut out the plumbing holes.  If the piece has any top drawers, remove the drawer sides and glue the drawer faces onto the front of the furniture.

Flea markets, antique stores and estate sales can also be a source for old furniture.  If you don’t feel comfortable using a saw, call a plumber or bathroom remodeling contractor to assist you with the conversion and the hook-up.

Trough Sinks

Instead of a double sink in your bathroom, consider installing a trough sink.  These types of sinks consist of a long, shared trough with two or more faucets, but only one central drain.  They’re easy to clean, attractive, stylish and come in all sorts of materials like stone, porcelain, stainless steel and even poured concrete.  If you want something different, but are concerned about your kids being able to reach over a vessel sink, a trough sink is an excellent option.  Waterfall faucets are a great complement to this design.

Bidets/Bidet Attachments

You don’t have to be from Europe or Asia to appreciate a bidet.  If there isn’t room for a separate bidet in the bathroom, your home remodeling contractor can install a bidet attachment to your existing toilet.  These are especially helpful for the elderly and people with physical disabilities to maintain more independence, as some products even come with remote controls.

For more bathroom remodeling ideas, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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