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by Carmen Corbin on February 29, 2012

You don’t have to live high in the mountains or deep in the woods to enjoy log cabin living.  The rustic appeal of a log home is a welcoming sight no matter where you live.  Plenty of design improvements have been made since the early pioneers assembled their first structures, and today’s homeowners have many affordable options for building a quality log home or cabin that they’ll appreciate for years to come.

There are several routes you can take if you want to build a log home.  Of course, a custom designed home is always an option, but here are some other options to consider:

Log Home Kits

Log home kits contain just about everything you’ll need for construction – roofing, flooring, windows, doors, rafters, framing, dormers and porches (check with each manufacturer for specifics).  The home improvement contractor or homeowner will usually need to purchase the porch steps, gutters, soffits and fireplace/chimney materials.  You can find a range of sizes in log home kits, from small vacation cabins to large, multi-level homes.

We checked a few online sources, and found that prices generally start in the $30-40,000 range for up to around 1400 square feet; $50-60,000 for up to around 2000 square feet; and then up from there.  We even found a 624’ cabin for $20,000, which would be great for a hunting cabin or lake cottage.

Log Siding

To get the look of a log home, you can also install log siding.  For a more authentic look, choose the half logs, or choose flat, rough sawed cedar planking.  For the interior, wide beams and timbers can also be ordered, as well as wood for stairways.  Wood paneling in white cedar or pine completes the look.

Pre-Assembled Log Homes

Some manufacturers offer pre-built log homes.  These are assembled inside the factory, shipped to the building site in sections, and then assembled together on-site by log home builders.  This method helps the home stay drier during the construction phase, so it won’t be exposed to rain and other elements before it can be fully enclosed.

For more information on log home kits or designing your own log home, contact a log home builder in your area.

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