Storing Furniture and Belongings During Home Renovations

by Carmen Corbin on February 26, 2012

Some home improvement projects can be simple and quick, but if you’re remodeling an entire room or have a project that will take an extended amount of time, you’ll have to think about where to store the contents of the room.

If you’ve just purchased a new home, one of the easiest solutions is to complete the renovation project before moving in.  But if that’s not possible, we have a few ideas to make sure the contractors have a clear workspace.

Storage Suggestions

Your solution will depend a lot on which room is being remodeled, and what kind of project is taking place.  Since bathrooms usually don’t contain any furniture (except maybe a small seat or shelving unit), all you’ll probably need is a box or two for wall hangings and hygiene products.  By the same token, changing out a ceiling fan in the family room or updating an electrical outlet won’t require the room to be emptied.

Move It All to One Side:  Living room or family room furniture can often just be moved to one side or sometimes stacked in the middle to allow enough room for a painting project.  Just make sure you cover everything with plastic to protect from accidental drips.  For bedrooms, you may not have this option if the room is small and your bed takes up most of the space.

Give Up Your Garage:  For a home improvement project like new flooring or drywall, the room must be completely cleared out.  Unless you’re an extreme packrat (i.e., you’ve filled up the garage with Christmas decorations and stuff from your single days), the garage is usually another good option.  If you’re worried about dirt and grease, lay down a tarp or use flattened cardboard boxes to cover the floor.

Use An Empty Room or Guest Room:  If you’re just not comfortable using the garage due to dust or potential invasions from mice and critters, use your basement or stash everything in the guest room. 

Temporarily Inconvenience Yourself:  No guest room or extra space?  Then store everything in the living room.  You may have stacks of boxes behind the couch and a bed against one wall, but just tell the kids to have fun with it and play some hide and seek.  Your sense of humor will return after the project is done and everything gets back to normal.

Rent a Storage Unit:  One of the best solutions for a long term remodel is to rent a storage unit for the room contents.  Most storage facilities rent them on a month-to-month basis, the prices are usually pretty reasonable and some are even climate controlled.  Plus, many chain facilities have trucks you can rent to move your belongings to and from your house, as well as mobile storage units.

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