Decorating With Red

by Carmen Corbin on February 21, 2012

Neutral color schemes with lots of browns, creams and muted shades are definitely in vogue right now, but don’t be afraid to buck the trend and make a bold decorating statement with a stronger hue like red.

Versatile Shades for Any Room

When you hit the right combination of base and accent shades, the color red will definitely add a “wow” factor to any room.  Red can evoke a sense of fun, passion or confidence, and often is a good compromise between feminine and masculine tastes. 

Kitchen & Dining Room:  A bold red in a strawberry or chili pepper shade is a perfect choice to perk up your kitchen.  Paired with light colored cabinets, red kitchen walls will pop in all the right places.  Accessorize with red hand towels, pot holders, toaster or a vase of red flowers on the counter.  Another option is to use bright red tiles as a backsplash.  Extend the color into your dining room or eating area to tie it all together.  If you feel a totally red dining room is too much of a good thing, consider having your painter use red on the top half of the wall, and then install white or cream wainscoting on the bottom half.

Bathroom:  The main bathroom, or even a small powder room, is a great place to get creative with red.  Add a bright red rug, red sink accessories (toothbrush holders, cups, etc.) or a red shower curtain.  You can also reglaze your bathtub or existing tiles in a red finish to get a larger splash of color.

Living Room/Family Room:  Furniture can be found in just about any color, including cherry red or a warm brick red to complement your fireplace.  Or, if you’re up for a home improvement project, rejuvenate a pair of old chairs by reupholstering them in a red patterned fabric.  Add some framed artwork containing the same shade of red you’ve chosen, or use a black painted coffee table as an accent piece.

Bedroom:  When used in the bedroom, red definitely speaks the language of love.  Floral bedding, candles, pillows and lampshades are all popular ways to add a sense of romance.  But you don’t have to have an explosion of roses to incorporate red into the bedroom.  Non-patterned red curtains and bedding with warm-toned wood trim and furniture will keep the man of the house happy, too.

For more ideas on decorating with the color red in your home, call or visit your local interior designer, painter or home improvement contractor.

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