Electric Snow Shovels

by Carmen Corbin on February 13, 2012

Homeowners in snowy climates are always seeking easier, more efficient ways of handling snow removal on their property.  Snow blowers are effective at clearing large areas such as driveways, but are usually too big or bulky to clear snow from smaller surfaces.   Electric snow shovels are a good option to solve this problem.

 Let Your Shovel Do the Work

Also known as power shovels, electric snow shovels are a great tool for getting those small jobs done without wearing yourself out with manual snow shoveling.  They’re basically a lightweight, mini snow blower, shooting the snow off to one side.  Some even come with wheels for easier snow removal operation.

Electric snow shovels work best for light to moderate accumulations of snowfall.  Most are fairly quiet, which your neighbors will appreciate if you’re outside during the pre-dawn hours.  For longer reach, just pick up a cold weather extension cord at a home improvement store.

Where can you use it?  Think about all the areas you normally shovel by hand, such as a narrow sidewalk, steps, front porch, back porch, deck or patio.  Electric shovels are generally lightweight (12-25 pounds), so carrying it from one area to another shouldn’t be a problem.  Also, since they’re small, they’re great for apartment dwellers and condo owners.

Many models of electric snow throwers are available in the $100.00 price range.  Toro is one major manufacturer (visit www.toro.com for more information).

Other Helpful Winter Products

We thought we’d mention a few other notable winter products that just might make your winter a little less strenuous.  For removing snow from the roof, try a roof snow rake – no climbing up on the roof, just extend the handle upward to reach farther up, and then pull the snow down.  Instead of making multiple trips to reload your ice melt container, consider purchasing a bulk salt container on wheels.  Don’t care for the ice melt pellets?  Liquid ice melt sprayers can hold around a gallon of solution – they resemble the large jug of Roundup you use for weed control.

For more assistance with managing snow and ice on your residential or commercial property during the winter season, call a local snow removal services company to discuss their shoveling and snow plowing rates.

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