Easy Kitchen Transformations

by Carmen Corbin on January 31, 2012

Remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out, budget busting project.  With a little imagination, you can make enough simple changes to create a fresh, new look – and still have money left to spare.

Simple, Cosmetic Changes

To improve the appearance of sad looking or outdated cabinets, brighten things up by painting them a soothing white or cream color.  Or go in the opposite direction and paint them a glossy black or mocha brown.  Change out the cabinet and drawer pulls with new ones in a contrasting color.  To add a little interest, take a couple of cabinet doors down to the hardware store and have them replace the center with a glass insert.

Another easy update is to freshen up the walls with a new paint color.  If you have a small kitchen, you’ll probably only need to purchase a pint of paint instead of a quart.  Now take a look at your kitchen faucet – if the first thing you notice is the broken sprayer and years of lime scale accumulation, it just might be time to replace it.  Choose a new faucet in the same finish as your new cabinet knobs to pull it all together.

Going One Step Further

If you have room in your budget for some bigger changes (without doing a total kitchen remodeling project), consider changing out one or more appliances.  You can save money by buying last year’s model right after the new models come out – talk to your home improvement store’s appliance department about the best time for great deals.  Attractive trim details such as crown moulding or new window trim can really accent the space.

Some homeowners hire a kitchen remodeler to replace one major item at a time, such as flooring or countertops.  It’s a little easier on the finances, and when coupled with the cosmetic changes – your kitchen will soon take on a whole new appearance.

Tips:  Add a splash of color with a new floor rug, new matching hand towels or a set of decorative tiles mounted to a wall.  Looking to bring a little bling into the room?  Update the main light fixture with a modern design such as a curvy track light placed over a breakfast counter.

For more ideas on remodeling your kitchen, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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