Pet Doors and Other Creature Features

by Carmen Corbin on January 30, 2012

As most pet owners will tell you, their furry friends are more than just pets – they’re members of the family.  Their unconditional love makes it possible to put up with a few mealtime messes, midnight potty trips, and throwing the tennis ball just one more time.  We know that some of you cater to more exotic pets, but we’re going to highlight a few ways to pamper and accommodate the canine and feline varieties in the home, while making life a little easier for “mom and dad.”

Pet Doors

There are many reasons to consider installing a pet door, but first and foremost, convenience for you and your pet(s).  When it comes time for Rover to do his business outside, he can just push through the pet door flap and come back in when he’s finished.  Plus, if you have a highly active pet, they can go out for some exercise even if you’re at work or otherwise occupied.  And although most cats have access to a litter box inside, they still appreciate the chance to get out and pounce on a cricket or two in the yard.

Most standard pet doors can be locked for security or to restrict pet access, and are pretty good at keeping out the wind and rain (the door flap usually seals with magnets).  You can even find dog doors that can be installed in sliding glass doors, French doors or walls.  To avoid unwanted guests from the forest coming into your house through the pet door, consider a magnetic or electronic model which only opens when activated by the “key” on your pet’s collar.  Call a general contractor for assistance with the installation.

Doggie Showers

Dogs, like kids, are easily attracted to water and mud puddles.  While the little humans can take off their shoes before they come into the house, sometimes your dog tracks in a muddy mess.  How about installing a handheld doggie shower in the mud room or garage?  It may seem like extreme home remodeling, but it’ll even come in handy for her routine bath time.  

Sleepy Time

Covered napping nooks and cushioned window seats are a couple of ways to create a pampered sleeping area for your dog or cat, but we’ve also seen photos of end tables with pillows inside and other imaginative ideas for beds.  Your cat would love a high mounted sleep shelf – just attach a series of sturdy shelves in a stair step pattern on the wall so they can climb up themselves.

For more pet friendly home ideas, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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