Add Privacy and Style With Glass Block

by Carmen Corbin on January 29, 2012

Whether you’re considering building materials for a new home or remodeling ideas for an existing one, you can’t go wrong with glass block.  There are many exciting ways to use glass block on both the exterior and interior, lending a modern sense of style and creativity to your residence.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are often seen in basements, but they’ve made their way into other parts of the home as well.  Protect your garage from prying eyes, while still letting in enough sunlight to work comfortably on a vehicle or hobby project.  If you need new house windows, consider replacing your bathroom window with a vented glass block design.  Fresh air and light can pass through, while the window still maintains the level of privacy you desire.

For other rooms in the home, windows made of glass block are a decorative way to make a bold statement.  Choose a light amber shade to add color and ambience to a home office, while reducing glare from a strong afternoon sun.  Or install a row of swirl pattern glass blocks above a dining room window for a bit of extra flair.

Glass Block Walls

Shower enclosures are one of the favorite uses for glass block walls.  End blocks are available with curved edges for a smooth, finished edge.  You can also have a half wall installed to separate the vanity area from the toilet or bath.  In the kitchen, consider a glass block base under a kitchen counter, or use a variety of colored blocks under a wet bar in the basement or patio.

As long as adequate support exists, glass blocks are great for loft balconies.  Custom etched blocks can add a personal touch to foyer/entry areas or stairways.  Curved walls are generally constructed on site, but straight walls are often preassembled in sections for faster construction.

Dichroic and Craft Blocks:  Glass block production has evolved from basic clear designs to patterned textures and a wide range of colors, including multi-colored dichroic glass.  For art and craft projects, glass block is also available with notches for placing objects inside and holes for light sources.

For more ideas on using glass block in your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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