Custom Shower Surrounds

by Carmen Corbin on January 27, 2012

Tile showers, if done correctly, can add beauty and style to any bathroom, but there’s a price to pay.  Sooner or later, the grout lines will need a good cleaning and/or maintenance.  Although there are many products on the market that will do the job, who wants to spend an entire day (or weekend) scrubbing away mold and mildew?

If you’re getting ready to do some bathroom remodeling, or are just plain “over it” when it comes to grout, we’d like to present some solid surface options that not only look great, but also completely eliminate the grout factor.

Acrylic Shower Surrounds

Single unit shower surrounds are a low-cost alternative to a tile shower.  One-piece units are hard to fit through a door in existing homes, but your home builder can easily install one in any new construction project.  Otherwise, multi-piece units that fit together with silicone seams are the solution.  You can even get prefabricated surrounds that have the look of tile (with no grout!), or choose from a range of untextured, solid colors.

Custom Large Tiles

We’re going to confuse you for a moment and discuss regular tile as your second option.  You’re probably familiar with the availability of tiny mosaic tiles, standard size and the larger rectangle tiles that can readily be found in any home improvement store.  But consider ordering large size (and we mean LARGE) custom tiles for your shower surround.  Your contractor may have to help find sources, but ordering tile pieces in shower wall size (one piece for each surface) allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

Marble, Quartz and Other Natural Stone

Natural stone varieties like marble, quartz and other suitable materials can also be ordered by the “wall.”  They may cost more up front, but you’ll have reduced labor charges due to the short amount of time it takes for installation.  Plus – no more grouting – EVER!  Just be sure your contractor confirms that the floor beneath can support the extra weight.

Matching accessories for any of the above options can also be found, like shower pans, soap shelves and shower benches.

For more information on installing a custom shower surround in your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.


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