Creative Ways to Protect Your Valuables

by Carmen Corbin on January 26, 2012

Renting a safe deposit box at a bank is one way to protect your valuables, but that can get costly over time, not to mention the inconvenience of making a special trip every time you need to retrieve an item.  Plus, it isn’t always feasible to store larger items there such as hunting rifles or extensive coin collections.  We’d like to suggest some creative ways to secure and conceal your personal valuables right in your own home.

Wall Safes

You can find wall safes in just about any size, for any budget.  Some are even designed to fit right between the wall studs of the room, and can be easily installed by the homeowner (just be sure you avoid wall cavities containing plumbing or electrical lines).  Many people cover them with a framed picture or mirror, or locate them in a hard to see place such as behind a shoe rack in a closet.

Installing a larger wall safe may require the assistance of a home improvement contractor.  They can also suggest ways to place the safe into the floor (under carpet, etc.) for added concealment.  Among some of the more interesting wall safes on the market today are ones disguised as vents, coat racks and furniture.  

Hidden Rooms and Closets

We’ve all seen the swinging bookcase leading into a hidden room or passageway in the movies.  Yes, you can have one too!  Several companies make swinging and sliding bookcases, wood wall panels, stone walls and other types of hidden doors.  If you’re doing some home improvement in the kitchen, talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about installing a secret door inside your pantry closet.  The catch?  You might have to give up part of another room or closet to make it happen.  Visit for more ideas and some great product photos.

Modular Vaults

These are prefabricated containment systems that are available in many sizes.  They are often placed in basements, can be concealed with a false wall, and are even removable if you decided to move to a different house in the future. 

Whether you decide to purchase an inexpensive wall safe or a larger vault-type system, there are many options for storing valuable items like jewelry, passports, legal documents, guns and other personal property – while also keeping them secured away from your kids.

For more information on protecting your valuables at home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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