Accentuate Your Bathroom With Faux Stone Panels

by Carmen Corbin on January 26, 2012

Using stone in your home doesn’t have to be limited to the fireplace or patio.  More and more homeowners are discovering how to bring the natural look into other places too, such as the bathroom.  The weight and cost of real stone can often be a hindrance, but we’re here to tell you about an alternative option – faux stone panels.

Get the Look of Real Stone For Less

Faux (fake) stone panels so closely resemble the real thing that it’s hard to tell the difference.  The panels come in a variety of stone simulations, such as fieldstone, drystack, cobblestone, river rock and more.  Unlike natural stone, faux panels are fade resistant, lightweight and easy to install (great for a DIY project).  Their nonporous quality means a high resistance to mold and mildew, resulting in very little maintenance needed.

If you decide to have a home improvement contractor do the installation, you’ll pay less for labor due to the quick installation.  The panels themselves are very affordable, and cost less than real stone.  They can be cut to size, and are usually waterproof, which make them perfect to use for Jacuzzi tub bases and custom showers.

Take Your Bath Remodel Up a Notch

Whether your bathroom is big or small, a well chosen accent wall adds a sense of balance and interest to the room.  Faux stone panels can also be used as cabinet facing and backsplashes too.  Try mixing two different styles of rock on the top and bottom halves of the wall for a custom look, or try two contrasting colors of the same material.  You can also purchase corners, columns and even bendable panels to go around curves.

Continue the natural theme by using other complementary elements in the bathroom, such as a marble or onyx vessel sink, a tall plant behind a soaker tub or a solid wood door stained in a rich color.  Place a bowl of small polished rocks or a birch bark candle holder on the vanity, or use leftover panel material to line a built-in shelf.  Your bathroom remodeling project will be complete with a beautiful travertine tile floor (unfortunately, faux stone isn’t suitable for floors).

For more ideas about using faux stone panels in your home, contact your local home improvement contractor or visit

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