Find More Space Under Your Stairs – Part I

by Carmen Corbin on January 24, 2012

Unless you’re living a very sparse, minimalist lifestyle, sooner or later you’ll probably find yourself searching for more storage within your home.  While a good cleanout and trip to the nearest donation center is often a good solution, we’d like to point out a simple place to find extra storage – the space under your stairs.

Basic Under-Stair Storage Ideas

Storage Closet:  While many homes already have a closet under the stairs, it’s often just a door and a cavern.  Getting way back into the abyss to pull something out when you need it can be quite an ordeal.  Instead of a door, consider a set of storage drawers – or both.  Use the side wall to install large drawers for extra blankets or medium size drawers for things like board games.  The taller section under the stairs is a great spot for a coat closet or storage closet for bigger items.

Open Bins:  Multiple open bins on the side wall provide places for books, shoes, school backpacks, sporting equipment, craft materials and other items.  Add small cabinet doors if needed to keep small items contained.

Toy Storage/Kids Playroom:  Bins and drawers also work great for storing kids’ toys, but why not create a fun play area under the stairs too?  Add a square opening in the wall for peeking, and put shelving inside for toy storage.  Wall decals are an easy way to decorate, and can be removed later when kids are grown.

Taking the Space One Step Further

Building a combination of drawers, bins and shelves makes the space an ideal solution for media storage or even a flat screen TV (depending on the configuration of your home).  You can also creatively display a large collection, or make a quiet hideaway for a family pet.  Or, add a custom set of French doors and several wine racks for an easily accessible wine storage area.

Other Storage Solutions

If the space under your stairs just isn’t big enough for your extra storage needs, consider other places in your home like the basement, attic or outbuildings.  You can also move things like seasonal camping equipment and large sporting goods to a nearby self storage facility to make more room inside your house.

For more ideas on finding extra storage space under your stairs, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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