Find More Space Under Your Stairs – Part 2

by Carmen Corbin on January 24, 2012

The space under your stairs is often home to a simple storage closet, but we’d like to introduce some creative ideas for turning this frequently underutilized area into an additional mini-room.

Think Beyond Storage

Computer Workstation: If your staircase isn’t open, just remove the side wall from under the staircase to create a large alcove for a computer desk and workstation area.  You’ll still have plenty of room for a short file cabinet on one side of the desk and bookcases or shelving on the other side.  For lighting, you can either use a desk lamp or have an electrician install a wall sconce or track light.

Reading Nook: Open up the wall and add a comfortable chair and floor lamp, or build a padded bench with storage underneath (much like a window seat).  Add a small side table or built-in shelf for your favorite books or morning coffee.

Guest Bed/Futon: Need an extra bed for visiting cousins or other overnight guests?  Although the space might be a bit tight with a door (think Harry Potter’s “room under the stairs”), you can always install a decorative rod with an opaque curtain for privacy.  If a twin bed is too big (remember, you’ll need room to change the bedding), use a futon – you’ll gain extra seating, too!

Small Bathroom: Call a bathroom remodeling contractor to install plumbing for a small half bathroom.  A toilet and pedestal sink with mirror will fit perfectly under most stairways.  Instead of a standard door, add a rounded top door for architectural interest.

Laundry Room: In condos and townhouses where space is often at a premium, consider using the under-stairs area for a stackable washer/dryer unit.  Or if room allows, install a standard set with an overhead shelf for laundry products.  Consult with your home improvement professional for advice.

Bar/Serving Area: Extend a kitchen remodeling project to include a bar/serving area under the stairs.   You don’t have to put in a sink for a wet bar; just having an extra counter and cabinet storage will make your home more convenient for entertaining.  Add a beveled mirror or framed art above the counter for a decorative touch.

For more ideas on creative ways to utilize the space under your stairs, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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