Long Driveway? Consider a Snowplow Attachment

by Carmen Corbin on January 18, 2012

Houses that are built far from the road may offer more privacy and seclusion, but in the winter time, the longer driveways are a real challenge to keep clear of snow.  Although a snowblower will do the job, it often takes hours, especially if a heavy snow has fallen.  Hiring a snow plowing contractor is also an option, but the best choice may be to purchase a snowplow attachment for your own vehicle.

Personal Snowplows

Snowplow attachments are hooked up to the front of your vehicle (usually a truck or SUV) on a special hitch, and are removed when not in use.  You can raise or lower the blade, and even adjust the angle to plow straight or off to the side.  If you don’t have a truck or SUV, smaller personal snow plowing attachments are also available for riding lawnmowers, ATV’s and farm/utility vehicles.  Because of the wider blade, you’ll clear your driveway much faster by moving more snow with each pass.  And with some models, you’ll pay about the same for the snowplow as you would for a new snow blower.

A Few Snow Plowing Tips

  • Start by plowing one side of the driveway, with the blade set at an angle.  Turn around at the end of the driveway and plow the other side.  Then clear the middle.
  • For deep snow, raise the snowplow up a few inches to first clear off the top layer.  Then lower the blade and clear the bottom section.  If you can, try to clear the driveway halfway through a heavy snowstorm (and then after it’s done snowing) in order to reduce the amount of snow you’ll have to plow.
  • Remove snow from in front of your garage by raising the blade, driving up close to the garage door, lowering the blade, and then backing up a couple of truck lengths.  When you have room to turn around, you can then push the snow where you want it to go.

Calling in the Pros

When should you call in the snow plowing professionals?  Consider your time and costs.  Even though a personal snowplow is a convenience, you also have to spend time hooking up and unhooking the plow, and spend valuable time clearing the driveway.  You’ll also need an accessible place to store it.  And if your area doesn’t receive a lot of snow, or just occasional heavy snowfall, it may be more cost effective to pay someone else to clear your driveway than it would be to invest in snow removal equipment.

For more information on personal snowplow attachments, visit www.snowbear.com or stop by your local home improvement store.

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