Give Your Home an International Flair With Mexican Tile

by Carmen Corbin on January 6, 2012

Neutral shades in home décor are currently in vogue, yet can also be a classic, timeless look for years to come.  But if you’re ready for some colorful flair to spice up the old hacienda, we’d like to suggest ways you can use bold and beautiful (and sometimes whimsical) Mexican tile throughout your home.   

Think Beyond the Countertop

Vivid, decorative designs in red, cobalt blue and yellow are what defines Mexican tile, although you can find them in almost every color in the rainbow.  Using them in your kitchen on countertops or backsplashes, or on your bathroom vanity, is a fun way to give an international, Old World feel to any home.  Earth-toned floor tiles also complement a Southwestern style décor, and serve as a base for more colorful accent tiles used elsewhere.

Of course, kitchens and bathrooms aren’t the only areas in the home where you can incorporate Mexican tile.  Outdoor barbecues, fountain alcoves, pool surrounds and entertainment bars are great places to continue the theme outside.  Using Mexican tile on your exterior stair risers or fireplace will soon have your abode looking hotter than a sizzling chili pepper!

Where Can I Find Them?

Although there are many great sources for decorative and solid colored Mexican ceramic tile, we noticed a lot of authentic, fun designs at and  You can choose from hand painted, Talavera, hammered copper, glass, trim pieces and molding, and even broken tile pieces for use in mosaic tile projects.  Accessories like ceramic outlet covers and switch plates, wall décor, drop-in sinks, ceramic knobs and house numbers are also available.

Not Your Style?

If your home contains Mexican tile or other decorative tile, and it just doesn’t fit in with your style, consider tile refinishing to choose the color that complements your décor.  That way you’ll avoid any demolition, preserve the original material and still get the look you want.  Many refinishing contractors also do countertop refinishing and tub refinishing as well.  Another option is to leave a few original tiles exposed as accent tiles; that way the bold color may not be so overwhelming, but still add an attractive element to your room.  

For more ideas on using Mexican tile in your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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