Enhance a Room With a Window Seat

by Carmen Corbin on December 31, 2011

A room with a view can be made even better with the addition of a cozy window seat.  Often found in older homes and farmhouses, the window seat has regained a place in today’s modern homes as well.

Finding the Perfect Place for Your Window Seat

Some types of windows just naturally accommodate a window seat due to their design.  For example, bay windows jut out from the wall, making a ready-made spot for building a window seat.  Plus, their angled ends create an appealing trapezoid shape to the finished seat.  The area in front of a dormer window is also the perfect place, as you already have side walls that surround the space.

But just because you don’t have a natural nook in your home doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.  Many homeowners decide to build window seats that come out from the wall, such as a long, large bench in front of a picture window (great for entertaining!), or between two cabinets in a kitchen.  Another idea is to wrap the new seat around a corner and put a cute “table for two” next to it for some extra dining space.

Option – Put in a New Window:  If you’ve always wanted a bay window with a window seat, talk to a home improvement contractor about options to replace a window.  New home windows are better insulated too, which means you won’t feel a draft while you’re sitting next to them.

Window Seat Storage

Aside from using the windows seat for reading, relaxing or just enjoying a nice lake view, one of the other benefits is added storage.  Most existing window seats have a hinged door that you raise up from the top, but newer designs use a set of drawers underneath for easier access.

Whether you decide to build your window seat in a kitchen, bedroom, living room or home office, you’ll have fun choosing a comfortable cushion and pillows to add the finishing touches.  Add even more color by hanging wispy curtains on each side, or leave the area open to let in the sunshine.  Complete the project by installing trim pieces or baseboard molding.  Another benefit – your pet will love it!

For more ideas on window seats, visit www.hgtv.com or contact your local home improvement contractor.

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