Perfect Spots for a New Mud Room

by Carmen Corbin on December 28, 2011

While the winter season brings idyllic, snowy scenes to an otherwise brown and barren landscape, it also brings lots of slushy, muddy boot tracks across our freshly mopped hardwood floors.  Even during other months of the year, soccer shoes and athletic gear get dropped in the kitchen, school backpacks are tossed onto the closest chair and grass covered sneakers leave a trail of blades after the lawn mowing is done.  You can understand the appeal of having a mud room in your home!

Mud rooms serve as a transition area between the outside and the inside.  Even small mud rooms with just a chair, a rubber floor mat and few wall hooks can make a big difference in your home.  But if you have more space available, you can add storage bins, seating benches, a utility sink and closets.

Adding a Mud Room

Room Addition: Because of their smaller size, mud/utility rooms are much less costly than other types of room additions.  Build near points of entry like a back door, side door or garage door, or have your general contractor create a new opening in a convenient place.  Be sure to check the zoning laws in your municipality for any restrictions before adding a room onto your home.

Breezeway Addition: If you have an older home with a detached garage not far from the house, then you have a perfect place to put your mud room.  Build a connecting breezeway room with a couple of screened windows (hence the term “breezeway”).  Now you not only have your mudroom, but a useful corridor between the garage and the house.  You’ll never have to unload your groceries in the rain again!

Convert an Unused Garage Stall: If you have a two or three-stall garage, but never use all of it, think about converting the unused space into a mud room, or even a combination mud room/laundry room.  Even adding a small half bath is a great idea if you have enough space – ask a bathroom remodeling contractor about the best location to add plumbing.

Helpful items to include in your finished mud room include a laundry basket for dirty clothes and uniforms, a shoe/boot mat, baskets for gloves and hats, plenty of hooks for coats and duffle bags, wiping towels (not your best ones) or paper towels, trash can and a bench seat or chair.

For more ideas on how to add a mud room to your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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