Countertop Refinishing With Composite Stone

by Carmen Corbin on December 27, 2011

Natural stone countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom, but they come at a price.  In addition to the high cost of the material itself, you also have the cost of labor, from demolition to preparation to installation.  And while all this is going on, your family must suffer through a few days (or more likely, weeks) of life without the use of an essential room in your house. 

If you’re thinking about putting in a new countertop in your home, we’d like to present a greener alternative that will save you money, reduce overall project time, and still give you the look you want.  Instead of replacing your countertop (and sending more material to the landfill), consider refinishing your countertop.  Here’s how:

Get the Stone Look Without the High Price

Although there are many methods of countertop refinishing, we’ll be focusing on a material that fits right over your existing surfaces.  Composite granite is a combination of leftover and reclaimed granite, stone and quartz, and has the look and feel of natural granite.  It differs from natural granite in that it is maintenance free, lightweight and stain resistant.  It is also heat and scratch resistant too.

Installation:  Your old countertop surface is left in place, and the new composite overlay is precisely measured to perfectly fit right over it.  And because there isn’t any demolition involved, the project is completed very quickly, with much less labor cost.

Other Uses:   Refinishing isn’t just for countertops.  Composite stone can be used on fireplaces, shower stalls, wet bars, backsplashes and walls.  And what about sprucing up your boat or RV interior?  Your countertop refinishing contractor can offer even more suggestions to incorporate the look of stone into your home or vacation vehicles.

More Refinishing Tips:  As long as you’re in home improvement mode, you can complete the new look of your kitchen or bathroom by cabinet refacing, sink refinishing or bathtub refinishing.  Some refinishers are even experts at repairing or refinishing tile – just choose a new color if you don’t like the current one. 

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars, or living in a work zone for weeks on end.  For more information on refinishing your countertops, or any other surfaces in your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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