Bring the Outdoors in With a Sunroom Addition

by Carmen Corbin on December 21, 2011

Our homes are more than just shelter from the elements.  They’re a gathering place and sanctuary, where years of memories are made with family and friends.  And we all have our favorite room in the house that serves as our own personal haven, whether it be a bright, welcoming kitchen or a relaxing living room with a warm fireplace.  Or maybe your perfect room is yet to come – a room that brings the outdoors in, with lots of fresh air and sunshine to lift your mood and inspire your day.

A Room With a View

Sunrooms are a beautiful addition to any home, and allow you to get even more enjoyment from your garden and outdoor spaces.  Walls of windows create a 3-sided portal for admiring spring flowers, watching winter snowfall or just keeping an eye on the kids.  You can even choose a glass roof to let in even more sunshine – and it’s great for stargazing on a clear night.  If you still prefer a solid roof, ask your general contractor about putting in a skylight instead.

Part of the appeal of sunrooms is their versatility.  Small rooms can be used for a sitting room, breakfast nook or an extension of a family room.  Larger sizes are often used for combination dining/living rooms or even an indoor pool enclosure.  And what could be better than relaxing year round in a corner hot tub, without having to deal with annoying mosquitoes or inclement weather?  There are many attractive styles to complement any type of home, from small, straight-sided spaces to large conservatory rooms with peaked ceilings.

Furnishing Your Sunroom

In order to accentuate your view and the natural light of your sunroom, choose light or muted colors like soft greens, yellows or neutrals to continue the indoor/outdoor theme.  Tile floors are great for sunrooms; add a cheerful area rug or two for interest.  Many homeowners choose to incorporate wicker, wood or bamboo furniture, and plenty of live plants for a lush feel.

Start Simple, Then Upgrade

If you’re on a tight home improvement budget, think about starting with a screened in patio or deck.  Some screen room designs can even be easily upgraded into a traditional sunroom at a later time.  You can get some great ideas from

For more information on adding a sunroom to your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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