Home Improvement for Your Garage – Part 2

by Carmen Corbin on December 19, 2011

As we continue our series on garage home improvement, we’ll be looking at creative ways to get organized.  No more floor clutter, no more random piles and stacks of who-knows-what.  This is the garage you’ve been waiting for – with a hook, shelf or cabinet for just about everything.

Organizing Your Garage

Getting things up off the floor is the first step to getting organized.  Here are a few ideas for how to make it happen:

Wall Storage:  Pegboard is a tried and true organizational staple for the garage – this inexpensive wall board contains holes in which you pop in various sized hooks or racks.  Then you simply hang up your extension cords, ladders, hand tools, skis, sporting equipment and more.  Wall panels function much the same way, but have track channels instead of holes, and are considered more attractive than pegboard.

Overhead Storage:  Utilize the space above to store items like seasonal decorations or camping equipment.  Hanging racks and baskets can be installed directly to the ceiling, or consider a retractable bike lift or storage bin for easier access.  When storing items overhead, use clear totes to quickly identify what’s inside.

Storage Cabinets:  Install wall cabinets for storage of power tools, automotive supplies and lawn and garden chemicals.  For convenient organization of smaller tools, wrenches and screwdriver sets, rolling toolboxes or drawer units give you the flexibility to move components around if needed.  You’ll always be able to find cabinets in basic black, gray and metallic shades, but why not go for bright red cabinets to add a splash of color?

Built-In Workbenches:  If space allows, a built-in workbench countertop for woodworking, potting plants or other hobbies is a great addition to any garage renovation.  Or, if you have a small garage or limited space, install a fold-down work surface – just flip it back up against the wall when you’re done, and it’s out of the way.

As with many home improvement projects, you’ll need to empty the work space while your project is underway, especially if you’ll be repainting the floor or installing drywall as part of your garage remodel.  Although your vehicles can be parked in your driveway, you might want to consider having a mobile storage unit delivered to your home to temporarily store all of your other items.  Contact your local self storage facility for rates and available sizes.

For more ideas on organizing your garage space, visit www.diynetwork.com.

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