Home Improvement for Your Garage – Part 1

by Carmen Corbin on December 19, 2011

When we think of home improvement, we tend to focus on updating and organizing the interior of the house.  But how many times do we enter our garage to try to find a tool, a gardening product or an elusive extension cord (that we KNOW is in there somewhere), and spend way too much time searching amongst the chaos?  Or maybe your garage has deteriorated over the years, and basically just serves as a dingy carport for your vehicle.  It’s time to finally give some attention to this often-neglected area, and say good-bye to that grimy, unorganized garage!

Structural Improvements for Your Garage

One of the first things to consider is the basic structure of your garage.  Take a good look at the floor, doors, windows, lighting, walls, ceiling/roof and electrical.  Note any trouble spots, and then consider your wish list.  If you’ve dreamed of having an insulated garage with a window air conditioner, then focusing on those areas will help get you started.

Flooring:  Fill and repair any cracks in the concrete floor, and then paint it for a cleaner appearance.  Another good choice is to apply an attractive, epoxy coating to the garage floor.  Epoxy comes in many colors, is inexpensive and is good at resisting oil stains.

Doors:  If your main garage door has become quite unsightly over the years, you can dramatically improve your home’s appearance by choosing a new, updated design.   Select a door with windows to let in more light and add a little architectural interest.  And don’t forget the back door – consider a steel door for providing extra security, or an extra wide door for easily wheeling in that push mower.

Windows:  How about swapping out those old, drafty, garage windows (that have multiple layers of peeling paint) with new triple paned vinyl windows?  Vented glass block windows are also a good choice, as you can let in natural light and air while keeping your garage contents from view.

Walls and Ceilings:  Many homeowners today are installing drywall in their garages for a more finished look.  If you have a few pieces left over from a basement or bathroom remodeling project, those will be great to use around doors and windows.  After installing the drywall, you can either leave the surface bare, paint it or hang pegboard over it.  In a garage, anything goes!

Lighting and Electrical:  Having adequate lighting and enough functional electrical outlets is important in any garage, especially when we’re under the hood of the car or using the space for a workshop.  Contact an electrician or home improvement professional to repair, move or add any lighting fixtures or electrical outlets.

In our next segment on garage home improvement, we’ll focus on ideas for getting organized.

For more information on how to remodel your garage, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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