Snow Melting Mats Make Winter Maintenance a Little Easier

by Carmen Corbin on December 13, 2011

During the first accumulating snowfall of winter, many people don’t seem to mind getting outside and doing a little snow shoveling, or shaking a container of ice melt around.  It’s almost an annual ritual to bundle up, grab the snow shovel and slay the white stuff like a winter warrior.  But soon the thrill wears off, as the cold begins to stiffen our fingers and our muscles start to complain. 

We’d like to highlight a product that can help keep your walkways and outdoor stairs clear of snow and ice, all while you sit indoors in the comfort of your favorite chair.  If you haven’t heard of them before now, you probably soon will – we’re talking about snow melting mats.

Portable and Easy to Use

Electric snow melting mats are placed right on top of your outdoor surfaces, and melt snow and ice as it falls.  They can be used for walkways, porches, outdoor stairs, decks and wheelchair ramps.  Some homeowners have even put them on trouble spots on the roof where snow and ice resist melting.  The mats contain a heating element inside the durable, non-slip material, and plug into either a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. 

The mats are available in different sizes, such as heated doormats, connecting stair treads, and longer mats for sidewalks and walkways.  Unfortunately, “driveway size” is not available, but you can always call a local snow plowing business to take care of that area for you.

These mats are designed to be left outside during the entire winter season, and should ideally be turned on about 30 minutes before snow begins to fall.  One accessory you can purchase is a snow sensor that automatically turns them on when it detects moisture and a temperature below 38 degrees.  There is also a remote control accessory that allows you to activate the mats without even venturing outside.

Besides sparing you the hassle and exertion of snow shoveling, another advantage of melting mats is you won’t have to use potentially harmful ice melt products on your concrete surfaces.  Nor will you have to clean up the residue from ice melt that has been tracked on the floors inside your home.  

For more information on snow melting mats, visit or stop by your local home improvement store.  Snow plowing contractors can also assist with managing snow removal for your property.

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