Choosing the Right Sink for Your Bathroom

by Carmen Corbin on December 12, 2011

Whether your bathroom is big or small, luxurious or utilitarian, it still can be a challenge to choose the right accessories, décor and functional items when remodeling this room.  In this case, size really does matter – the area you have to work with will set the stage for most of the major decisions.  Once you’ve decided on the toilet, tub and shower, next comes the bathroom sink.

Beyond serving as a wash station, your bathroom sink and countertop area also serves as a holding surface for soaps, hair care products, shaving gear and other toiletries.  Before choosing a sink, it’s important to determine how much countertop space is needed, and whether you need any cabinet storage underneath.  Then it’s on to the fun stuff…

To help you get started on choosing a sink for your bathroom remodel, we’ve put together a simple guide:

Types of Sinks

Top Mount Sink:  Also called a drop-in sink, the top mount sink is set down into a pre-cut hole in the countertop, and overlaps it slightly when in place.  Although it can be made of many different materials, vitreous china (porcelain) is one of the most common.  This type of sink can be used with just about any kind of countertop product.

Under Mount Sink:  Under mount sinks are put into place from below, with the faucet and handles either mounted on the wall or installed in the countertop itself.  This type of sink sits below the countertop surface, and is often used with solid granite countertops.  It cannot be used with tile surfaces.

Wall Mounted Sink:  Frequently found in older homes, the wall mounted sink has a small surface, exposed pipes and no floor support.  Because it’s mounted directly to the wall and doesn’t take up any floor space, it’s great for small bathrooms.

Vessel Sink:  Resembling a wash basin that sits above the countertop surface, vessel sinks have surged in popularity over the past few years, and come in a wide range of styles and materials.  This is a great choice if you really want to make a design statement in your bathroom.  Tempered glass, stainless steel, porcelain, stone and art glass are just a few of the attractive materials available.  The downside?  Because they sit higher than a traditional sink, vessel sinks might present a challenge for kids. 

Pedestal Sink:  Another good choice for a small bathroom or half bath is the graceful pedestal sink.  Its floor mounted base design gives a classic look, but it has very little sink top space and doesn’t allow for any storage underneath.  But, over-the-sink shelving and a hallway linen closet can solve those issues.

Trough Sink:  Many bathrooms have enough room for double sinks, but if you’re looking for something different, consider installing a trough sink.  It’s just as it sounds – a long, wide rectangle trough that serves both faucets.  You’ll lose a bit of counter space in the middle, but gain a unique look for your new bathroom.

For more ideas on choosing the right sink for your bathroom remodeling, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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