Man Caves

by Carmen Corbin on December 5, 2011

You don’t have to carry a “Y” chromosome to understand and appreciate the appeal of a man cave.  This coveted piece of square footage can be anything from a place to hang out with good friends to a sacred monument of past sporting achievements.  While the female of the house generally has the last word on how the rest of the home is furnished and decorated, just about anything goes in a man cave – even posters of the Three Stooges.

Choose a Theme

Once you’ve decided where your man cave will be (basement, garage, extra bedroom), you’ll need to choose a theme.  We have a few ideas to get you started:

Sports Theme: Although some men choose a general sports theme, you can also pick your favorite sport like football, racing, golf or bowling and build around that.  Display old trophies on lighted shelving, install a putting green or hang up photos of your favorite race car drivers.

Entertainment Theme: Create the ultimate home theater for hosting movie nights or sporting events with a large flat screen TV, theater seats, surround sound, and maybe even an old fashioned popcorn machine.  Have your home improvement contractor put in some built-in cabinets for media equipment storage and DVD’s to keep everything readily accessible.

Game Theme: If space allows, a full size pool table can serve as the centerpiece for a game themed man cave.  Also consider arcade games, a poker table, air hockey table, and of course, a dartboard cabinet on the wall.  For serious gamers, reclining gaming chairs and a well stocked selection of onscreen games will complete the theme, and quickly draw a visit from your amigos.

Hunting and Fishing Lodge: This is the perfect place to display your antler mounts, turkey beards and various taxidermy friends.  Hang up a couple of fishing poles on the wall with a framed display of vintage fishing lures, incorporate some camouflage items into the room décor, or add some rustic wood furniture pieces.

Essential Items for Any Man Cave

When entertaining friends or family in their sanctuary, most men prefer their man caves to be self contained.  In addition to lots of comfortable seating, a wet bar and refrigerator can go a long way in keeping your bros happy.  Basement man caves can also benefit from a half bathroom on the lower level – talk to a bathroom remodeling expert for ideas on the best location.

For more ideas on how to design the perfect man cave, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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