Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

by Carmen Corbin on November 30, 2011

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to be short on big ideas.  And due to its smaller size, you won’t need to spend as much on implementing those ideas.  We have a few suggestions on designs for your kitchen that are both functional and fabulous.

Space Savers

Ditch the Kitchen Island: Although they do provide storage and an extra work surface, if your kitchen island is constantly in the way, blocking access to the refrigerator or creating a cramped room, then get rid of it.  You’ll appreciate the more open, spacious feel.  And if you still need more work space, you can always get a rolling countertop cabinet that you can store or move aside when not in use.

Build Up: If space allows, install higher cabinets when doing your kitchen remodel.  Put seldom used or seasonal dishes in the highest shelves so that you’ll only occasionally have to climb on that step stool.

Make Use of All Surfaces: Install hooks on the sides of your kitchen cabinets to store pot holders and oven mitts, or hang up a corkboard for organizing grocery lists or the family schedule.

Keep Appliances Off the Counter: Have your kitchen remodeling contractor install an over the range microwave, and give your countertop model to a departing college freshman.  Don’t worry about your toaster – as long as it doesn’t hide too much of your new granite countertop!

Color Schemes and More

Go Monochromatic: To create the illusion of a larger space, use a monochromatic color scheme, or various shades of the same color.  An accent piece here and there will tie it all together.

Go Bold: Another option is to incorporate bold splashes of color to make a statement.  Choose flooring tiles in alternating colors, paint one wall in a contrasting color or add a colorful glass tile backsplash.  Or, add a special architectural element such as a tin ceiling.

Open It Up: If you have a galley kitchen or one that is closed off from the rest of the house, why not cut a hole in the wall and create a pass-through window to the family room or dining room?  First make sure it’s not a load bearing wall.  You’ll enjoy the openness, and will never miss another touchdown again!

For more ideas on small kitchen remodeling, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.


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