Storage Solutions for Military Families

by Carmen Corbin on November 25, 2011

Life in the military demands a certain amount of flexibility.  Just when you get settled into living in one place, orders may come down that you’re needed half way across the globe.  Whether you’re single or are married with a family, it’s good to know your options if you ever need temporary storage solutions.

Maybe you’ve been called to serve on a ship for six months, or will be on a special assignment overseas for a year or more.  Depending on your housing situation and length of deployment, you may need to consider storage of your household goods and personal vehicle(s) until your return.  The same may apply for long-term moves if you have a house to sell, and need to store its contents during the transition.

Different Types of Storage

Literally thousands of storage facilities exist in the United States today, many of which also offer military discounts.  Some are strictly self storage or mobile storage; others are moving companies which also offer storage options.  Most offer month-to-month rentals and automatic payment options if needed.

Self Storage:  Self storage units come in many different sizes, and are either “drive-up” (with an outside entrance) or inside a climate controlled building.  Even a moderately sized storage unit can accommodate a car, truck, boat or off-road vehicle.   Whether you need to store an entire household of furniture or just a few extras, the facility manager can assist you in determining which size unit will meet your storage needs.  Outside storage is often available for RV’s, large boats and camping trailers.

Mobile Storage:  These are either storage containers or trailers that are delivered to your residence so you can load them up at your convenience.  If you are living on base, be sure to check whether they are allowed on the premises.  The containers are then picked up at a designated time and either kept on-site at the storage facility or moved to a specified location.

Moving Companies:  If you are working with a moving company to coordinate a relocation, ask about their storage options.  Many moving companies have their own storage warehouses and can store your belongings in secure crates for a period of time.  Others may own a self storage facility as well.

Military personnel may be entitled to benefits to offset any storage costs associated with a new duty assignment.  Check with your squad leader or commanding officer regarding procedures or how to inquire.

For more information on storage solutions for military families, consult with your transportation officer or contact a local moving and storage facility.

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