Get Super Organized With a Kitchen Pantry

by Carmen Corbin on November 18, 2011

Everything in its place, and a place for everything.  We’ve all heard this phrase, but the meaning really hits home when we’re trying to make dinner.  We criss-cross the kitchen gathering ingredients from all four corners, dig our way back into that deep corner cupboard for that rarely used small appliance, and pull out all the canned goods just to find the one we need.  And that’s just one meal out of many.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, then it’s time to get organized!  One very helpful design element that has once again become popular is the kitchen pantry.  Pantries offer a central place to keep food items, paper products, seasonal serving dishes and even bulk purchases – allowing you to find things faster when you need them.

Pantry Designs for Every Kitchen Size

Small Kitchens:  While a walk-in pantry or pantry closet may not be an option in a smaller space, your kitchen remodeler can offer many suggestions on how to add a pantry cabinet into your existing design.  Tall pantry cabinets can include lots of adjustable, roll-out shelves for cereal, cans and snacks; racks on the doors for spices and smaller items; and even deep drawers for larger goods.

Medium Size Kitchens:  If your home has an existing closet in or near the kitchen, it can easily be converted into a reach-in pantry closet.  Replacing a swinging door with a sliding door is a space saving option.  With a pantry closet you can add more options, such as open bins for cookbooks, narrow slots for cookie sheets and even hooks for storing your reusable grocery bags.

Large Kitchens:  For the ultimate in pantry design, many homeowners choose to create a walk-in pantry room.  Depending on how much space you have available, the pantry can be built to include shelving and drawers for food storage, roll-out baskets for soft items; racks for wine or bottles; large bins for small appliances; and cabinets for seasonal glassware or extra dishes.

Hidden Pantries:  From the outside, it looks like a large, built-in pantry cabinet, blending in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.  But open up the cabinet doors, and voila!  Walk through the opening and into your secret, hidden pantry closet.  Ask your kitchen remodeler about the best place to build in this creative, useful feature.

For more ideas on kitchen pantries or remodeling a kitchen, call or visit your local home improvement contractor.

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