Home Repair for the Holidays

by Carmen Corbin on November 10, 2011

Twas the month before Christmas, and all through the house, not a honey-do was finished, and you feel like a louse…  If this describes your current state of mind, you’re not alone.  As the holidays begin to draw near, planning family gatherings and celebrations with friends may trigger a sudden response known as home repair panic. 

If you’re hosting a holiday event in your home (or a week-long visit from your mother-in-law), those little handyman projects you’ve put off during the year quickly become center stage.  The leaky faucet in your main floor half bath; the chipped tiles in your kitchen floor; the hallway carpet that’s as worn as the Appalachian Trail – with so much to do, where does one begin?

Dear Santa… Please Fix My Broken Light Switch

You may have several home improvement projects that need to be completed, but making a list of them by order of importance will keep you focused on the things that matter the most.  Choosing a few select projects will also be easier on your budget, and make it easier for your home repair professional to work you into their schedule.  Here are some ways you can target certain areas of your home:

Main Floor Only:  If you have a two-story home, and your party guests will only be enjoying their holiday merriment on the main level, concentrate only on that floor.  Look for easy cosmetic repairs like repainting the foyer walls, or replacing an outdated light fixture. 

Bathrooms and Guest Rooms:  If you’ll be having family staying with you for a few days, take a look around the guest room(s) they’ll be using.  A drafty window letting in cold, winter air could make the room uncomfortable, not to mention the effect on your heating bill.  Consider replacing the window, or having your home repair contractor seal around it.  And don’t forget to check the bathroom your guests will be using.  Now would be an excellent time to finally get those slow drains cleaned out.

Go All Out on One Item:  If you’ve been waiting for years to replace your living room carpet, or re-do the fireplace hearth, why not give yourself an early holiday gift?  Repairing or replacing a large item makes an immediate impact, and could also make small, unfinished projects less noticeable.

There’s still time to get things done before the smell of fruitcake starts wafting through the air!  Get started now by calling your local home improvement contractor.

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