Selling Your Home? Time to Neutralize!

by Carmen Corbin on November 9, 2011

You’ve decided to sell your home.  You’ve cleaned up the clutter, trimmed the shrubs, washed the windows and hid the dog dishes.  Your first showing is in thirty minutes, and you can’t wait for the potential buyers to see your awesome home.  As you look around, you think “What’s not to love?”

Over the years, you’ve probably put a lot of your heart and soul into your home, adding your own personal touches here and there to make it your own.  But when it comes time to put your house on the market, bold statements of your personality and tastes need to go out the back door.  While you may love the wild splash of color that lights up your living room, your potential buyers may not.  Moving into a new home is a stressful task, and a lot of buyers just don’t want the extra work of having to repaint before they move.

Think Neutral

The goal is to present your home in the best possible light, and to showcase its best features.  Toning down the walls is one of the easiest ways to make an instant change.  A professional painter can not only do the job quickly, but can also offer advice on which new paint colors to use.  Ask to see a paint palette, or visit a nearby home improvement store to get some ideas.  Choose neutral colors so that your walls will complement, not distract.

Color Suggestions: A neutral color scheme doesn’t have to be boring.  According to paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore, rich tones like Stone House 1039, Nantucket Gray HC-111 or Manchester Tan HC-81 can really give your rooms a fresh, updated look.

Remove Wallpaper: Although many wallpaper patterns can really add to a room’s appeal, they’re often another source of that dreaded “individual taste.”  If the thought of removing it is just too daunting, why not let your painter or home improvement expert handle it?

Exteriors: Don’t forget the outside!  That bright, red door shouldn’t be a subtle stop sign for your potential buyers.  You can still maintain a pop of color by repainting in Benjamin Moore Dinner Party AF-300 (a burgundy shade), Yorktowne Green HC-133 or Tate Olive HC-112.  Other exterior items to remember include mailbox posts, door trim and outbuildings.

For more information on choosing the best paint colors to showcase your home, call or visit your local home improvement contractor. Don’t let your love of  bold colors stop a potential sale.

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