Is Your Bathroom Vanity Too Short for You?

by Jane VanOsdol on October 28, 2011

Remodeling your bathroom can include many projects from a complete gutting and overhaul of your bathroom to doing just a few small updates. One bathroom home improvement that you may have not thought much about can correct a mistake that is not only annoying, but also be down right painful to homeowners:  a sink that is too low.

When you think about it, the standard height of a bathroom counter at 30 inches is quite a bit lower than the standard height of a kitchen counter at 36 inches. eHow explains that this is because builders and designers are allowing for both children and adults to use the bathroom sink, while kitchens are designed with adults in mind. The result is that the height of a bathroom vanity can literally be a pain in the neck.

The logical answer is to change the height of the vanity to accommodate the user. There’s a few different ways to go about doing this.

Fix Your Short Vanity

One way is to have your plumber raise your vanity to accommodate your height. Some plumbing companies specialize in customizing and raising vanities that are just too low and problematic for adults. eHow references’s notes that the vanity could be raised by putting the vanity on 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 blocking. The blocking can be made out of  glass or wooden baseboard material or possibly ceramic tile.

Another option is to take out your current vanity and install a taller vanity. Finding a vanity that is not the standard size may take you a bit of time to order. One company that carries taller vanities is Accent Building Products . Of course, you could also have a carpenter custom build one for you.

Keep in mind that you could also install two vanities of varying heights to accommodate all members of your family. Work with your plumbing contractor to install two vanities at different heights in your bathroom—one for the children and one for the adults. If you don’t want to do that, then install the larger fixture height, but provide a non-slip stool for the shorter members of your family.

Don’t settle for the pain in the neck that your bathroom vanity has become. Make this home improvement so that all members of your family can use the sink in comfort.

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