Fireplace Home Improvements

by Jane VanOsdol on October 27, 2011

As they’re in the process of looking for a home, many homeowners seek out a home that has a fireplace. Fireplaces give a lovely ambiance to a home delivering a nostalgic, cozy feel that’s hard to replicate. Unfortunately, sometimes a homeowner will purchase a home that has a nonworking fireplace. If you currently have a nonworking fireplace in your home, let’s look at some options you have for using the space.

Home Improvement Solutions for a Broken Fireplace

  1. Fix it. The most obvious solution is to of course fix the fireplace. Depending upon what the problem is, you may need to call a masonry expert or a chimney sweep. If fixing it isn’t high on your home improvement priority list right now, then let’s consider some other ways you can use this space.
  2. Fill the space with an elaborate candelabra. One to try is the Richmond Candelabra available at Home Decorators Collection. These candles will fill the space and diffuse a soft, warm light. If you don’t want to worry about burning candles, then look into the option of battery-powered or electric candles. These also give off a warm light, and many of them have the realistic feature of flickering lights.
  3. Consider an electric fireplace insert. Electric fireplace inserts are perfect for a fireplace that isn’t working, because they don’t require a functioning damper, but they still put off heat. They use up about the same amount of electricity as a space heater does. While the flames don’t look quite so realistic, this is a good alternative for those wanting a cheery, warm look without the hassle of real wood or a gas insert.
  4. Rethink the space entirely. Better Homes and Gardens has come up with the noteworthy option of repurposing the space entirely by fitting the space with shelves. While it may seem unusual, it’s an interesting solution. Have a home remodeling expert measure the space and construct a shelving unit with a back to fit the fireplace. Before your home remodeler attaches the shelves to the backing, have him or her wallpaper the back in an interesting pattern that will make for a stylish display in the fireplace. Then paint the shelves a color that will match or accent the wallpaper and attach the shelves to the back. Finally, have your remodeler insert and secure the unit to the fireplace. You can store vases, knickknacks, baskets or other favorite items on the shelves to make a beautiful focal point for the room.

Having a nonfunctioning fireplace doesn’t have to be a drawback to the room. With a little work and ingenuity, this space can still be the highlight of the room.

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