Sea-Inspired Bathroom Remodel

by Jane VanOsdol on October 24, 2011

Does your bathroom décor leave something to be desired? Perhaps you’ve been staring at the same colors for years and are bored by what you see. It’s time for a change, but what should you draw your inspiration from?

Designers often base the décor of a room on one favorite item in the room. Perhaps the color of a pillow in the living room, a vase in the dining room or a bowl of bath salts in the bathroom provides the home improvement inspiration for the décor of the whole room.

Maybe you love the sea blue color of a bowl of bath salts in your bathroom. Let’s use that as the base for the rest of the room.

Using Valspar Signature Colors, you could paint your bathroom a basic white shade to be a crisp backdrop for the sea blue. Valspar Great White Way ar 1016 would be a good choice. It’s a refreshing shade that will leave your bathroom feeling clean and fresh. If you like, use one of the walls as an accent wall and paint that wall in in a serene ocean blue color. Ocean Front ar 1226 is a shade to try that will have you hearing the crashing of waves every time you walk into the bathroom. If you’d like a third accent color for trim, check out Fashion Week ar 1024, a muted green color reminiscent of seaweed.

Once you have your basic color scheme established and your walls painted, it’s time to fill in the rest of the room. Perhaps a bathtub refinishing project would take care of your dingy tub. Next, decide upon what type of flooring you’d like if you will be changing it. White tile  would be a logical choice, and you could pick up the color scheme by swapping out a few white tiles for sea blue to complement the blue wall. You can do this randomly or in a pattern.

Another way to pick up your sea-blue pattern is in the shower curtain, if you have one in your bathroom. Concord Blue Fabric Shower Curtain by Bed, Bath & Beyond is a combination of white and sea blue that would set off the bathroom to perfection. Towels are another way to bring that favorite color into the bathroom. Try the Home Expressions Bath Towel by jcpenny in Tropic Aqua. Layer the towels on the rack by adding in one in Bright White to make a nice contrast. If your bathroom sink is discolored from rust stains, a sink refinish will restore its luster and make it look like new.

So, the next time you’re stumped for ideas on a color scheme, look around your room and pick out a favorite accessory. Your inspiration was there all the time.

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