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by Jane VanOsdol on October 5, 2011

Clutter can be one of the biggest problems for homeowners today. Our homes are overflowing with so much stuff that it makes it hard to function on a daily basis. Clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, you name it, we have it. Controlling the clutter is important to leading a less stressful life. Of course, de-cluttering your house is key to an orderly home, but if you find that you need to hold on to your things for later use, then mobile storage could be a viable option for you.

You may be wondering how mobile storage differs from traditional storage. Well, first of all, mobile storage scores big points for convenience. With regular storage facilities, you have to load your belongings into your car, drive to the storage facility, unload them into your storage container and then drive back home. Mobile storage eliminates many of those steps because they come to you.

A portable storage company will deliver a storage unit directly to your house. You can choose between several sizes of trailers (larger units usually range from about 28 ft. to 48 ft.), or you can choose a smaller size container on wheels, which usually comes in an 8 ft. or 16 ft. size. Containers on wheels are the ultimate in convenience because they can be moved around for easy loading, and they are at ground level, so they don’t involve any heavy lifting over your head.

Another advantage that mobile storage has over traditional storage is that you can keep the container for as long as you need it on your property to pack it up. You operate on your time frame, not somebody else’s.

Storage Options

When you are done packing your belongings, you can choose to have the mobile storage unit stored on your property for easy access, or it can be stored on the company’s premises—and they move it for you.

When to Use Mobile Storage

To eliminate excess clutter in a home.

For home improvement projects. If you have a major renovation project going on, you may need to temporarily move some furniture or appliances until the project is completed.

When you are downsizing. You may be moving to a smaller home, but want to store your items for a child who is relocating in the near future.

When you are staging a home. If you’re staging a home to sell it, you will probably need to clear out and store your excess things to show your home in the best possible way.

For safe storage. If you have records, photos, antiques, electronics or other sensitive items, you will want to take advantage of climate-controlled storage until these items are needed again.

As you can see, portable storage is a convenient alternative to traditional storage, and one that lets you operate on your timetable, adapting to your circumstances.

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