Warm Up Your Home With Color

by Jane VanOsdol on October 3, 2011

A warm color scheme is just right for so many rooms of the home. Warm colors in the yellow, orange and red families bring brightness, and spice to a room. They’re equally at home in the winter and summer alike. In the summer, they reflect the sunshine of the season, and in the winter they can cheer you from the bleak landscape on the other side of your window. Let’s look at a few color schemes to consider for your next home improvement project.

Painting in Warm Colors

Pair vibrant reds and yellows with neutrals. Perhaps you’ve spotted a sunshine yellow set of couches and chairs that you’d love in your sun room. When grouping such bright colors of furniture together, one way to prevent the room from becoming overwhelming is to paint the walls a darker neutral shade, such as gray. Stick to the neutral color for the base flooring as well, but then you can add a colorful throw rug and accessories into the mix to complete the style.

Combine yellow and red to brighten up a breakfast nook. In this smaller sitting area, try painting the walls a lovely butterscotch yellow and then highlight the space with red window treatments (see Better Home and Gardens). Use both of these colors in details throughout the rest of the room. Perhaps a yellow-cushioned bench seat with accents of red and orange pillows and dishware. This cozy space will warm you up on a cool winter morning and energize you as you dash out the door in the summer.

Go bold with tangerine and fuchsia. If you thrive on bold colors, you’ll love this color combination for your living room space.  Try sticking to all subdued furniture such as browns, but go crazy with color in the accessories. Throw down a cushy pink or orange area rug and add artistic accents of vases, wall art and splashes of color sure to pop against the quiet furniture. Purchase some material that incorporates both tangerine and fuchsia and make a swag for a large picture window. The energizing color will be sure to stimulate some lively conversation in this room.

Butterscotch teams up with creamy brown this time to create an inviting kitchen that your guests won’t want to leave. Paint your walls and drape your windows in this creamy butterscotch yellow hue, but save one of the walls to coat with the creamy brown. It gives a bit of a relaxing coffee house vibe to the room that  you can enhance with perhaps a high dining table and leather chairs. It’s a combination sure to please.

Experiment with color and painting techniques to find the right combination for your room. If you’re afraid to commit, purchase the color you’re considering in a sample size (some manufacturers carry these for just a few dollars) and have your painter actually try the color out in your room before you purchase a gallon. Let that new warm color spice up your room no matter what season the calendar says it is.

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