New Bathroom Looks at Budget Prices

by Jane VanOsdol on September 30, 2011

Are you tired of looking at the same old bathroom day after day? Ready for a change but don’t have a big budget to back it up? Don’t despair. You can remodel your bathroom on a budget that will still give you a fresh look without breaking the bank. Just try a few of the changes below to add some pizzazz to a boring bathroom.

Cheap Home Improvement Tips

If you love the look of tile, but don’t have the bucks needed for a tub or shower surround, you can still get the high-end look you crave by adding a border of tile above your bathroom sink. Small tiles will fit this area nicely–since it’s usually a tiny space between your sink and mirror anyway. If, by chance, you already have tile in your bathroom and it’s just looking a little dingy, why not spring for a tile refinishing? The refinish will tidy up your tile and won’t blow your budget. You’ll love the style both of these home improvements brings to your bathroom, and you’ll still have money left over for groceries after this project is finished.

Take a good look at the lighting in your bathroom. Do you have enough light in the tub and shower area? Are you able to see in the mirror so that you can apply make-up or shave without disastrous results? If not, it’s probably time to update your light fixtures. You’re aiming for both style and proper lighting. In order to have adequate lighting for personal grooming, designers recommend that you install lights on both sides and above the mirror. If you have a window nearby to bring in natural light, all the better. Shop around for some fixtures that will update your bathroom as well as provide the light you need.

Don’t underestimate the value that a few well-placed pieces of art work can bring to a bathroom. You don’t have to shell out big bucks either. Look at starving artists’ sales and discount home stores and purchase a few pieces that will notch up your artsy points in the bathroom.

Another idea is to add a stunning mirror above your sink. Scour flea markets and selvage yards for wooden frames, old Gothic-style window frames and the like, clean it up and then take it to a glass company to install a mirror in the frame. It will most certainly be a focal point in your bathroom. If the mirror is reflecting a less-than-sparkling sink, you can change that quickly with a sink refinish.

For a low-cost bathroom remodeling project that will save wall space, install a towel rack on the side of your vanity instead of on the wall.

Finally, think about changing out your accessories in the bathroom. New towels, knick-knacks, shelving and rugs in an updated color will all breathe fresh air into your bathroom and leave you money to spare.

A bathroom update doesn’t have to cost major bucks. Try a few of these tips for new looks that still leave some dollars in your wallet.

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